The Truth About Skiing
For every skier, snowboarder, parent, instructor, beginner or expert...

You'd need to be crazy to go skiing before uncovering the real truth behind this sport.

      Discover RISK FREE, what others pay thousands of dollars for; that will help you ride; healthier, faster, safer, better, and longer than you ever thought possible!

Dear Fellow Lover of Winter,

Until now only a handful of people knew what helps some of the top professionals in skiing, do what they do, day in and day out.

In the competitive world of these action sport, these top secrets are what keep some companies rolling in millions of dollars...

They are the same secrets that keep riders healthy and safe enough to make it on the podium every year.

In fact, what they know is absolutely necessary to keep your family and you safe, injury free, and out of danger on your next trip to the mountain.

My name is Adam Masterson.

Adam Masterson
That's me!
And while you might have never heard of me, I’m sure you’ve heard of my friends.

My friends are top levels professionals. Whether they’re skiers, snowboarders, photographers, videographers, company owners, or editors of popular magazines. I roll with a very influential and competitive crowd.

How do I know these guys?

I grew up in Salt Lake City, the mecca of skiing and snowboarding.

SLC (as we call it) is home to more professional winter athletes than anywhere else in the world. It’s where people travel to from across the globe to “live the dream”.

This industry is my life. And now I’d like to help take all of what I have learned, so you can benefit from my experience.

So why am I telling you this?

Because this industry is extremely cutthroat. It deals in secrets like any other industry.

People are always trying to stay a step ahead of their competition...

And a big thing about success is actually being the one to “survive” the longest. I.E. To know something that the others don’t.

Find out what the Big companies and Top Coaches
Know that You Don’t.

I dreamed about becoming a “pro” like a lot of people who sit on a ski lift.

In 2007 I was on a photo shoot with one of my (now super pro) friends in Snow Park New Zealand.

I was hoping this trip would catapult me into the action sports limelight. The only problem was, that night would end my dream of becoming a pro.


Skier crash
That's not me, but it is how my crash looks like!

I was seriously injured to the point where I was never able to ride the same again.

The sad thing is, if I had known what I do now, that probably wouldn’t be the case.

I can almost guarantee I would be one of the guys on the podium at the X-game, medal in my hand and champagne spraying everywhere if I had only known the things I do now.

In my 15 years involved with the industries I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be an A-level rider. I’ve also learned a lot about what it means to be able to enjoy the sport, even if you just enjoy it recreationally.

Imagine how much better a day at the mountain would be if you knew the same secrets that companies like RED BULL, BURTON, OAKLEY, ATOMIC and others spend millions of dollars on for their team.

From stomping double back flips, grueling days spent in subzero temperatures, as well as dangers from Mother Nature and other people... these guys need access to these secrets.

Their careers depend on it...

Imagine How Much Better Your Day Will be With These Secrets.

What helps many sponsored athletes and instructors take the nastiest of beatings, on the harshest of days, only to get back up... time and time again,... ready for more; are the same things that will help you enjoy your time on the mountain.

Whether you’re just starting off snowboarding or skiing, are interested in getting your child involved in the sport, or are experienced. Your health and safety depend on knowing this insider information.


Because this information won’t just help you enjoy your day up at the mountain, it could save you pain, money, and even your life.

Skiing isn’t regular sport like tennis, golf, swimming, or cricket.

As a matter of fact he if...

Some of the most Dangerous Sport in the World!

All you have to do during the winter is listen to the news to hear about another tragedy where someone went up for a relaxing day at the mountain, and never came back.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that when you’re dealing with gravity, excessive speed and unforgiving obstacles like trees, rocks, ice, and the unforgiving elements, things can go from good to bad in the blink of an eye.

That’s why it pays to be prepared.

So many things can go wrong up there...

It could be anything.

You could be minding your own business when the equipment you poorly selected causes a horrible accident that maims you for life.

Or It could be that your skiing on a designated run when the mountain rips out from underneath you and buries you under 6 feet of heavy snow thick as concrete.... that literally squeezes the life out of you (or a friend!)

Or, it could be something as simple as not exercising correctly and then triggering a nagging injury that refuses to go away.


Ski girl
Main parent's responsibility is to protect their children.


The point is, with knowledge and preparation you can avoid these common problems.

If you want to perform at your absolute best you need to know things like...

The fact is...

If You Ski... it’s Only a Matter of Time

If you spend more than 20 days on the hill, the odds of you getting hurt seriously enough to need medical attention are 1 in 10, according to statistics.

Those aren’t good odds.

Any idea why so many people watch their dreams of stardom go up in smoke?

Ever wonder why some people used to go up all the time, but now refuse to go!

It’s simple.

(We) weren’t prepared for the dangers and mistakes we faced that caused all of our problems.

When I talk about getting hurt, it can be much more serious than just cuts and bruises. I’m talking about serious, often time career ending injuries for both the professional and non-professional alike.

It only takes a fraction of a second to brutalize your knee to the point you’ll never be able to walk the same again.

In the blink of an eye, your life or the life of a friend can be snuffed out like a candle.

Did you know that last season alone, more than 500,000 people were injured skiing and snowboarding in USA and Canada?

According to the same study, approximately 80 people will die skiing and snowboarding this year in USA and Canada.

How many people die from tennis?

How many people die from cricket?

Yeah, exactly.

How Can You Avoid Becoming a Statistic?

It’s easier than you think.

Danko Puskaric
This is Danko!

Enter my friend Danko Puskaric. Together we have combined our expertise and experience and written a book that uncovers how to stay safe and injury free this winter.

Danko is an accomplished skier and snowboarder who spends more than 100 days a year on the hill. He competes in big mountain competitions all across Europe. He’s also a certified instructor and a professor of physics.

One day as we were talking about how much we love winter, we also began to complain about how difficult it is to stay fit, safe and healthy through the season. It’s virtually impossible.

That’s why so many pros are washed up and burned out before anyone even knows their name.

One thing we agreed on is people are hardly ever taught how to avoid and prevent unnecessary injuries. Most people are clueless when it comes down to it.

Typically people just end up learning the hard way.

And rarely are they provided with information that can save them from disaster.

Unbelievably, industry pros have no problem charging big bucks for it.

We feel that everyone should have access to information that will help them enjoy skiing more.

Sadly most people spend way too much getting it.

You could sign up for lessons (only to find out the instructor doesn’t know a darn thing). You could buy books, that contain 60 pages of filler. Or spend hours researching, and hundreds if not thousands of dollars attending seminars and classes.

Is that really how you want to spend your time and money?

You Can Have Easy Access to This Pricey Information...

Danko and I decided to make sure that there was something available to everyone. This book isn’t a book about ski theory and technique.

You won’t find a mention of “falling leaf” or “hockey stop” practices that ski areas teach you.

We provide you with more than “theory” but hands on, practical and applicable information that will actually help you ride MORE!

Don’t be mistaken, we’re not teaching you how to learn skiing.

The only way to do that is to practice.

And we don’t care that we’re “handing out” expensive info....we know that people in the industry will be mad that we are practically giving away information that they have worked very hard to get.

(The lame thing is, we know that they work even harder to keep the cost of these secrets high.)

We want to create a resource that will give you all of what we know, and all of what they know.

Not Playing Fair, the Best Game in Town.

To get this information we consulted with top skiers, professional instructors and their coaches as well as using our own knowledge of the sports we loved.

When we started it was crazy to see... how much we didn’t know.

Freerider Stefan Häusl
This is one of the world's best freeride
skiers in the action - Stefan Häusl

A few years ago Danko and I made a trip to visit some top pros, coaches, and instructors. We spent a week in Saas Fe, Switzerland to hang out with them and “cruise” the alps.

These guys could just go and go. It didn’t matter if they wrecked or bailed so hard that they had a yard sale and lost all of their equipment.

They kept going like like they were bullet proof.

After keeping pace with them for only half a day, we were completely exhausted. In the evening, all we wanted to do was sleep. These guys just partied and a had a good time staying up much later than us.

Hell, there were some mornings when we both looked at each other and tried to come up with a plan to get out of riding that day!

These guys could ride so hard that it made my head hurt. And every morning they would pop out of bed like they had taken an IV of monster energy.

After that week we came to realize that our knowledge paled in comparison to theirs.

Even though we ate, drank, and breathed snow sports, they were the true masters.

It was truly an eye opener.

We wanted to know their secrets.

They Were so Much Stronger, Healthier, and More Energetic than us?

It didn’t make sense.

I thought I was a good rider. But they were so much healthier, and fit than I was.

After that week I knew something else was helping them.

What Danko tells you in this book, is that most conventional wisdom is garbage. That there is a neglected aspect to being an amazing rider. We share this information in the book.

When I thought I was eating healthy I wasn’t. When I thought I was exercising correctly, I wasn’t.

When I thought I was a good rider, prepared for anything... I wasn’t.

It’s like this...these guys didn’t lift weights, and they didn’t take supplements or any of that crap.

But they looked like they just stepped off the cover of a men’s magazine with their massive legs, ripped abs and chiseled bodies.

I hate to say it, but I was jealous.


Skier thumb - common ski injury
Skier thumb - common ski injury
Even more surprising was how little these guys were hurt. When we were talking to them, one of them said he went three seasons without so much as one sprained ankle.

In the world of extreme sports that statistic is unheard of.

They did a few exercise that are scientifically proven to increases your resistance to getting hurt. Anything from sprains, concussions and broken bones can possibly be avoided by preparation.

It really was an eye opener to see how what we thought we know about snow sports was really only scratching the surface.

And do you know why these secrets are “secrets?”


Most “Pros” Don’t Know All that Much.

There’s a lot of mis-information out there.

You wouldn’t believe how many people claim to be ”professionals” and are beyond clueles.

And the ones who do know stuff, good luck getting a straight answer out of them.

They work hard to get where they are, so they don’t want to just give it away. Even then, they’ll deliberately withhold certain things from you for one very good make money.

To get the information a different way, you might have to look all over the place.

You’ll need to read this article, and that book and take this lesson and that class to get all of what you need.

The secrets we tell you are heavily guarded and used by coaches for Olympic and national teams. They are the ones proven to work.

Compiling all of the ideas, tips, knowledge and experience we bundled this independent research and my discussions with friends, and put it together into ONE resource is available to all.

We did all of this so you don’t have to.

And so, it’s with great pleasure that Danko proudly presents...

“The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding”,

The truth about skiing and snowboarding

This book is SO MUCH MORE than another "How to" Guide.

Inside you’ll uncover:





And Perhaps the Most Important Information in the Book.

One thing that is no secret is that riding powder is the closest feeling to floating you’ll ever experience on skis.

It’s what keeps some people going well into their 70’s and 80’s and what rich people and pros pay thousands to do (via helicopter.)

It’s also the riskiest and most dangerous aspect of the sport, one that people never give much attention to.

That’s why Every year hundreds of people globally die in avalanches.

For comparison, more than 35 people are killed every year in France alone (as many as 57 were killed in the 2005/06 season), with 25 fatalities in the U.S.A., Austria and Switzerland respectively, and around 22 in both Canada and Italy, etc.

In New Zealand, at least two people are killed each year.

Avalanches can occur on any ski slope. Usually experienced professionals aren’t killed by them - only the regular skiers who don’t know how to recognise the warning signs or use their freeride equipment properly.


This is 1000 vertical meters big avalanche which buried one friend of mine.

Experts claim that as much as 90% of fatalities arising from avalanches could be avoided if the victims were using correct equipment and were prepared. The fact is most people go out of bounds completely unprepared.

The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding reveals tricks that you’ll need in order to identify potential dangers (page 265).

You’ll also discover what to do if you’re caught in an avalanche, and how to save a friend if they are caught in one.

And on top of that we’ll let you in how you can avoid going to jail riding snow.

Plus much, much more.

291 pages of incredibly valuable and helpful information,
For less than one day’s ski pass.

I do want to make something clear.

Just because you read this book doesn’t mean you’ll all the sudden become an overnight sensation.

There’s still work to be done.


Children skier
This is my little nephew in ski school!
Practice makes perfect.

This book gives you the ability to make sure you can continue enjoying and progressing without fear of unnecessary injury or worse.

What this book does do is provides verified and scientifically proven methods that would cost you a fortune to learn to otherwise.

We think it’s only fair that everyone know this kind of stuff, because let’s face it. Your riding, as well as your life depend on it.

Using scientifically proven methods anything from sprains, concussions and broken bones can possibly be avoided by preparation.


Don’t be Jealous of Better Riders - Become One of Them.

The book is rightly called “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding” because it reveals concepts that top pros use all the time to get where they are now.

Not reading this book could actually be dangerous to your health.

Some of the guys at the top get lucky to make it there.

Most of the professional athletes are bankrolled to do what they do. Now you can benefit from the same things they know.

This knowledge is priceless.

Ski crash
Over 90% of fatalities on the ski slopes occur as a result of various forms of collisions

Yet it affords you the chance to ride healthier, stronger, faster and safer for longer than others.

Every few days throughout winter, we hear reports of how someone going up for a carefree weekend never came back.

Or the unfortunate story of someone in a coma after a day with the family.

Our goal is to reduce the number of these kinds of news reports.

All of the studies show that with adequate training, it is possible.


Why this book will pay for itself in the first 20 pages.

This book is a steal.

For the amount of time and money spent to make this book we should be charging 10 times as much.

But like we said, everyone needs this book. If you’re serious about staying healthy and enjoying winter as long as possible, then you must get it.

Just a quick breakdown, this is what you would expect to pay for this info.

Included in the book:

$300.00 value - A fitness plan that from a personal trainer would charge.

$300.00 value - A dietary plan and nutrition information that coaches and nutritionists charge at least $500.00

$100.00 value - A guide to avalanche safety and practices to assess the dangers of the back country.

$100.00 value - The amount of money saved per year on doing your own tune ups

$100.00-1000.00+ -The amount of money saved in medical/hospital costs that major injuries can cost.

Total Value....At LEAST $900.00...

This book will give you the instructions to:

If you follow through with these instructions, you’ll be healthier and leaner, and in better shape.

I’m not saying that this book will make you skinny, or help you win the Olympics, but not having this book could cost you a heck of a lot more than not having it.

I’m not promising that you will be an instant sensation on the hill.

But, you are giving yourself a much better chance by purchasing The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding.

Here’s what others are saying about "The Truth About Skiing".


“Hi Danko, I bought your book because it was recommended to me by my trainer, I’ve finally realized where I was going wrong with skiing, and three weeks after I got the book I’ve progressed more than in the last six months! Now I’m stronger than ever, and I’m buying all new equipment so that I can tear up the slopes again.“

Richard Challen, USA

“I especially liked the advice towards the end where you portrayed snow sports as an art form, and as a completely new world, which with better discipline will guide us to an enhanced appreciation of humankind and our planet. I’m inspired by your personal view on the future, and your belief that this world can become a better place through our efforts.”

Marijana Stricak, CRO

“Mindlessly throwing yourself into winter sports can be very dangerous. Skiing brings a considerable number of dangers with which most skiers are unfamiliar. I myself have mindlessly plunged into such a situation from which I managed to extricate myself only through sheer luck. I didn’t know the potential dangers to which I was exposed to. That’s why I think that every remotely serious skier and boarder should add such an instructive, practical and life-changing book to their library so that they can enjoy the slopes with more common sense, respect and awareness.”

Ray Ambid, AUS

“Thank you for the great book! I’m only half way through the book now (catching my breath) and I don’t know how to say it -I now look at skiing in such a different way. A huge thank you, I’ll be in touch once I’ve read it to the end!”

Barry Smith, NZL


So what does something this valuable cost?

I’m sure based on the prices you saw above you might expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars.

Not even close.

Maybe $100.00 then?


The truth about skiing and snowboarding will only cost $ 67 USD,

And if you order now, and you’re among the first 500 buyers, you’ll receive an additional discount, taking the total price of the book down to only $ 44 USD.

As a special bonus, you’ll also receive a password with which you’ll be able to download all updated editions in digital format...


There’s one more reason why this book is a great value.

It’s always current and up-to-date!

It includes cutting-edge skiing technologies and innovations. That’s why it would be useful to have access to all future editions of this book!


The first 500 buyers who order “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding“ will each receive, completely free of charge:


100% Guarantee - money back

Also, if for any reason you aren’t satisfied
with “The Truth About Skiing and
Snowboarding” there is an un-conditional
money back Guarantee.

No ifs, ands, or buts

We're so confident that you will not only enjoy this book but benefit
from it beyond what you paid, that we offer a 100% unconditional
sixty days
(60 days) guarantee.

This means that if for any reason (or even without reason) you’re not completely
satisfied with the book, you have a full 60 days from receiving the it to return
it and get a complete refund.

No questions asked.

You can even keep any bonuses (apart from the password) free of charge,
as a token of my gratitude!

My personal guarantee


The season is already here.

And each and every day you go without this information is a day that might lead to injury, pain, or disaster!

To the best seasons of your life,
Danko Puskaric

A. Masterson

Adam Masterson


P.S. Don’t forget. If you follow the instructions in this book, not only will you be more prepared to ride better. You’ll look better and feel better too.

P.P.S.You’ll be a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. People will be impressed that you know more than they expected. This knowledge really is amazing. Whether it’s teaching you how to eat write, or how to save a life. You’ll be happy to have it.

P.P.P.S. Try out our book, and if you don’t believe you’ll progress to being a top skier, you have a full sixty days in which to return it to me and get a full refund (without any need to give an excuse!). That way you’re not risking a single cent, and you’re probably missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if you don’t order now. This is the only way to buy this book, and you won’t find it in any bookshops.

The truth about skiing and snowboarding ebook Yes, I want to order The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding at a price of 67 44 USD.

Yes! I would like to get the download link immediately and start uncovering all secrets that will make me a better skier and snowboarder. I want to dominate on the slopes, I want to know how to protect my friends and family and I want to save some money.

I order risk-free because “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding” comes with a 100% guarantee and if for any reason I’m not thrilled with it in the next 6 months I will receive a refund instantly!

I will receive a package with:
1. the ebook “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding” (291 pages)
2. one copy of The Skiers Diary
password with which I will be able to download for free all future editions of “The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding”.
4. subscription to private VIP email list where I will get exciting updates and great ski&board opportunities.

Regular price 67 USD - Today only 44 USD

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